As organic farmers we are faced with a diverse array of unique challenges. These can include weed control, marketing, nutrient management and soil management. At Upland Organics we enjoy conducting on-farm research to help solve some of these challenges faced by organic farmers.

Much of the research currently developed in the area of organic agriculture has not been tested under conditions encountered on a working organic farm. Upland Organics is interested in being involved in several different areas of on-farm research including using new and emerging crop varieties, different crop rotations and different plow down crop varieties and methods.

We feel that involving organic producers at the individual farm level will contribute to the overall applicability of organic research as it will:

  • allow for field testing and verification within the constraints of a working farm
  • incorporate ideas from working producers
  • provide the opportunity to test across a variety of soil and moisture conditions

Upland Organics is interested in furthering organic research through collaboration with research scientists, agriculture industry professionals and other organic producers.

Some of the research projects we have been involved with include Participatory Plant Breeding (University of Manitoba), and we recently received a grant from the Prairie Grain Initiative to conduct a project assessing the effects of different green manure termination methods on soil moisture (Pivot and Grow).