Our Location

Upland Organics is located just 3 miles east of the village of Wood Mountain which is approximately 30 minutes north of the Canada-USA border.


The Wood Mountain Uplands

Upland Organics and gets its name from it’s proximity to the Wood Mountain Uplands formation. The Wood Mountain Uplands has a maximum elevation of 1,013 m and are located just east of Cypress Hills. These uplands stood higher than the ice sheet of the last glacier period and as a result, are covered with varying amounts of glacial till with some higher areas still containing the sands and gravels. As a result of the retreating glacier, this area is characterized by many hills and valleys sometimes making farming in this unique area a real challenge! The village of Wood Mountain is located on the most northern part of the plateau while the Grasslands National Park is located to the southwest. Please refer to our links page for information on where you can learn more about the Wood Mountain area.