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We are a family-run certified organic grain farm located near Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, Canada.  We farm over 2000 acres and produce several crop types including pulses, cereals, and oilseeds.  We believe that family-run farms can be economically feasible and are an important part of the agriculture industry in Canada.  We are very interested in promoting organic farming and are always looking for opportunities to learn more about the industry.

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 At Upland Organics we enjoy conducting on-farm research to help solve some of the unique challenges faced by organic farmers.  To learn more about our research projects please visit our Research page.

Organic farming is a highly regulated process which requires the use of chemical-free production methods. For more information about organic farming and about what is involved in being organically certified please go to our What is Organic Farming page. If you’re looking for a copy of our most recent organic certification certificate please go to our certification page.

Last updated April 2021